Hi everybody !

I'm developing some camera application with Nokia 7610 phone., but I don't know that camera image(FbsBitmap) from viewfinder's each frame images can be mixed with another off-screen bitmap(FbsBitmap) image and then displayed into window ...

Is there anyone knows this problem ?

My goal is that displaying mixed CFbsBitmap image (from returned by Camera Server and my own CFbsBitmap images in back-buffer), so bitmap image in the back-buffer must be mixed with Camera Server's each frame image as a CFbsBitmap type.

for example, we can take each CFbsBitmap type of frame images from camera's ViewFinder as 15fps. another bitmap images that can be generated by my own application modules resides in back-buffer. each bitmaps from camera's ViewFinder must be mixed with back-buffer's bitmap images on each Camera image frame occurs......Is this possible ?