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    nokia phone card 2

    Please help me unlock a Nokia card phone 2 from the Orange network in the UK. I tried asking Orange and they gave me two DCT-3 Nokia codes but I think they are wrong. (I can't use Orange because they don't have a service in Ireland.)

    The device is a Nokia Cardphone 2.

    The Network code (Orange UK) is 23433

    The IMEI for the device is: 449144921549601

    Unlock codes: #pw+8402863523+1# and #pw+2129378263+2#

    I have discovered that the unlocking codes are only the first hurdle. I don't know how to enter them as the device has no keypad. I can connect the card phone to a laptop and use Hyperterminal in Windows XP. But when I do I came accross what looks like password protection (at+cpwd=?) The 'facilities lock' instruction (at+clck=) is password protected too, so I think I'm in a tight spot as the Cohen brothers would say.

    My question is does anyone have experience unlocking the Nokia card phone 2 from Orange UK? Does anyone know what AT command to use to unlock the Nokia device. How do I reset the device to complete factory defaults (I tried AT&F but those are only partial defaults.) I am the legal owner of the device and I have proof of purchase.



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    the solution

    I discovered how to do this and as a public service I will tell all. Here is a thing or two for all the mobile phone phreakers out there. The solution is quite easy. The trick is to connect the Nokia card phone 2 to a computer. It's a PCMCIA device so it should slide into the side of a laptop. Use the Nokia Windows drivers from the www.nokia.com site. http://www.nokia.com/cda1/0,1080,2522,00.html

    Next you need the unlock codes for the device. Get them from Unique or elsewhere. The Nokia cardphone is a DCT-3 device. You might need two codes to unlock it. I got mine here


    The codes should look something like #pw+8402863523+1# and #pw+2129378263+2#

    Next start up Windows hyperterminal or some other terminal application. Type AT and return, the device should respond with OK. If you can't see what you're typing then type ATE1. Then hyperterminal will display what you type as well as the response from the machine.

    enter the unlocking code by typing at+csimlock=#pw+8402863523+1#
    You should see a message 'SIM restriction off.'

    Close hyperterminal and remove the card phone. Then slide it in again to power it up and start up hyperterminal again.

    Enter the second code ... at+csimlock=#pw+2129378263+2#
    You should see 'sim restriction off ' come up on the screen. That's it. 'csimlock' is not an AT command that appears in the Nokia OEM card phone manual with a list of recognised AT commands. That's why unlocking the nokia card phone 2 has been so difficult up to now. So the supplied Nokia literature on this device is incomplete.

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    Re: nokia phone card 2

    dude, can you teach me how to unlock the security keyguard of nokia 5200 via hyperterminal? plz feel free to mail me at anthrax0220@yahoo.com.... really nid help here.....

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