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    Hi there,

    Is it possible to create a SIS installer file for Personal Profile applications for Nokia 9300/9500?

    I managed it with pJava applications for 9200 Communicator years ago and they worked perfectly.

    Now, I can't find any record in the manual but it seems that the AIFBuilder still has a 'Java' check box. Does that mean I can create installer for 9300/9500 in the same way?


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    I'm not sure if this helps or not.

    PKG files (which you use to create SIS files) have an option to execute a file during installation. I don't have a 9500 phone to try it on, but is it possible that if you try to "execute" a JAR file then it will complete the installation of that file ?

    The PKG file command to run a file on installation is:

    "<path on PC>" -"<path on target>", FR, RI

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    Thanks for your answer, but my question is whether it's possible to create a SIS installer for a PersonalProfile application that deploys the app properly (like in case of pJava in 9210).

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