I am developing some WML files which connect to Microsoft mssql data base system to read some designated records from the selected tables. My test kit set includes Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1, Nokia 7210 SKD, Microsoft Windows server 2003 and MS sql server. The program involves Chinese characters display. I have the utf-8 encoding in the header and all Chinese characters embedded in the WML files display no problem in the 7210 SDK. My problem is with the Chinese characters stored in the Mssql table records. When the designated records were selected from the mssql table, all fields in the record can be displayed in the 7210 SDK except those fields storing the Chinese character data. According to the Microsoft literature, the data in mssql are stored in the Unicode-UCS2 format. Is there any command and procedure that helps convert the Chinese character data from mssql tables to the utf-8 format which is acceptable by the Nokia mobile phones. Your advise and comments are highly appreciated.