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    Nokia 6260 - Browse Mode Goes Standby RANDOMLY !!

    Hi all,

    I bought 1 week ago a Nokia 6260.

    I have a BIG problem with this phone:

    When I flip (rotate) the phone and I put it in Browse-mode,
    after 5 to 45 second (randomly) the phone goes in standby mode, in the time that I WORK ON THE PHONE !!!

    The light goes off. I push any button but the light will go back

    Anybody having a clue about this?
    It is a software or a hardware problem ?

    Software version:
    V 3.0436.0

    PS: 1. I tested on other 6260 and its work OK in Browse-Mode.... 2.In Work-mode, the phone works OK.

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    Sepityi Dimitri

    the same problem

    I've expirienced the same problem.

    Does anyone know the solution?

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