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    Question Nokia 6230 Problem/HELP MICROPHONE

    I purchased a new Nokia 6230 from Cingular Online. I really like this phone alot, but the microphone is very loud. Callers can here all of the backgroud noise, even if i am driving in my car they can here my 4 bangers motor and tire noise?????

    I tested the phone over and over, and still get insanse microphone pickup. If call my other my g/f's cell phone, and lay my 6230 on the couch, and stand 8-10 feet away it picks up my voice talking normal tone, and the mic levels are the same on Speakerphone as in normal mode. I figured the mic pickup would be less when u talk in normal mode, and louder pickup in speaker phone mode.

    I have used all other brand phones, LG, motorola, Sony and the mic pickup isn't half as bad. I can talk on them all day long and no one ever hear road noise, or background noise unless someone yells.

    So my question is.....

    are all the Nokia 6230's this way, or is there a firmware or a hack or switch to turn the microphone volume down.

    Please e-mail chriscummings83@yahoo.com if you have any help with this issue.

    Thanks you

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    I think this is the same with all nokia phones. My previous phone as well (nokia 3390) also picked up background noise. I was told that if the wind was blowing, they could hear hte wind...haha.

    Yeah, dont think there is a way to fix this problem, although it doens't seem to bother me all that much.

    Hope that helps!

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