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    Simple Stream in Store Problem

    I am trying to write some data to a file using CPermanentFileStore.
    I create a RStoreWriteStream on this store and then I write an integer to this stream (using writeint32),
    I than Commit the stream but not the store.
    I write another integer and again commit the stream.
    Finally I commit the store.

    But when I try opening the store file and reading the data back, I can only read the first integer. The second integer I put after the first commit can not be read it claism the end of file was reached.

    I tried to do the same but this time Commit the store twice, once after each commit to the stream. But when I tried to open it this time I got an error that the file is corrupt.

    I think I can only commit a stream once, is this true? or am I doing something wrong ?
    Is there anyway to use streams to commit multiple times? appending to them after each commit?

    Please answer, my next option is to use the RFile which is not so friendly.

    Thanks in advance for all the help.

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    post your code

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