I try to rescue a mail address, but there isn' t. So I think that I must write here.
Dear Sirs,
about two months ago I bought a NOKIA mobile phone mod. 6600 (IMEI: 353777005125204) in a shopping center near Milan, Italy, for which I paid Euro 279,00.
After approx. 45 days the joystick stopped suddenly working, so I called the shopping center, where I was told to take it to an authorized service company for the warranty reparation.The service company (tel. no. 199799299) employee (a very bad-mannered person) I called after some days to know the status of the reparation, informed me that the product was no reparable, independently from the warranty, because of oxidation and that the only thing I could do was to throw it away and buy a new one.
I tried to explain and assure that my phone never had been exposed to water, moisture of dampness and similar, so I could not accept such a statement. The employee replied to me that the damage could have been caused by wrong stocking conditions of the shopping center where I bought it. I immediately contacted the shopping center to explain the matter, but they answered me that they declined any responsibility in this sense.
The sevice company employee also told that all NOKIA products present this "weakness"; that's to say also a 15 min. exposure in a kitchen while cooking can damage the product irreparably. I think that NOKIA should not be proud of such a statement, especially when, if real, the customer can discover it only after the purchase, reading the user's guide: it is absolutely no serious or commercially correct. If your products are really so delicate, a customer has the right to know that before buying them.
The only suggestion I received, was to contact the Nokia customer care service, to see if someone could help me, as I was totally no responsible for the damage occured. Further I would like to add, that when back home with my unrepaired phone, I found out that after the inspection of the technician also some keys did not work anymore and that the display was all dirty inside. My congratulations to the authorized service company: another new damage in my phone independent from me!
Anyway I called the customer care service (helpline - tel. nos. 899282828 and 848690691), but I could not succeed in talking to any responsible, just only an employee, who told me: "Sorry, but we have no responsible (!) and no authorization for any decision: you have a problem, we understand it, but we cannot do anything to help you, only head office can".
Here I am, with all the rage of a customer who, victim of a damage independent from him, cannot find a representative in Italy to expose such a problem and find a solution, which can make me feel and convince me that customer really does still mean something for NOKIA and its image in the world.
I look forward a confirmation from your side, that my phone will be replaced with a new one.
All italian customer care and defence associations have been informed about the whole matter.

Best regards.
Please contact me at oggioni.milano@tiscali.it