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    Question Comparing received mobile number to defined number


    I have been reading other colleques same questions & answers, but not been succesfull implementing them.

    I want compare received sms message sender phone
    number to defined number.

    // Here I get sender phone number
    TBuf<40> tempMessage1;

    // here i define the number where to I want compare
    TBuf<15> str(KOikeaNro);

    // Here I dump the received phone number into ibuf
    TBuf<15> ibuf; //(KVastOtettu);

    // This should return 0 if True, it want work
    TInt apu = str.Compare(ibuf);
    if(apu == 0)
    // do something

    No error messages, but It wont match evethough
    I see that the sender Phone numder is exactly correct

    Where should I look ??

    BR - j

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    Hi solution


    I found the solution.

    I need to copu both of them same manner into TBuf
    after that make comparison, that is doing the job.

    Thank you


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