I would like to sort out a few questions with the 6630 i bought a couple of days ago.

1. What is the best way to create a bluetooth connection. I have a latitude d505 with inbuilt bluetooth and Nokia PC Suite 6.4.8. Is it through the Nokia Connection Manager by going on bluetooth WIDCOMM, pressing configure, pressing next, and selecting the Nokia 6630?

2. What about Sync. When you press on connect on 6630, you get 3 icons, Bluetooth, Conn mgr., and Sync. When you press on sync there is an icon, with PC Suite, when you open that there are 4 choices - synchronise, new sync profile, edit sync profile or log. pressing on synchronise will connect to laptop, and then i get message - Sync: System Error...any idea on this?

3. If when doing the above i select edit sync profile i have sync profile name which is PC Suite, Data Bearer as bluetooth and Host address as PC Suite. When you press right button you have Contacts Yes/No, Calender Yes/No, Notes Yes/No. Should you adjust these exactly as they are in Nokia PC Sync?. Now when one presses on Contacts and selects YES, another window opens with Remote database, and Synchronistation Type. What do i have to put in Remote database as it requests something to be put in.

4. When i select bluetooth connection as ON on 6630, it requests PIN, i put in PIN and laptop requests PIN, then on laptop there is written 'Waiting for call'. It seems that the bluetooth connection sees the 6630 as a headset.

5. Unfortunatley i cannot 6630 to sync with Outlook, both through bluetooth and through USB cable. The result when i have connected usb cable, went on nokia pc sync, pressed synchronise now but this is the result..


The following warnings were produced during the synchronisation:

The SyncML Client has not responded.

even when using nokia apllication installer .. it says available space on phone unknown... when using nokia content copier, it says connected phone nokia 6630, connection type: usb cable, but when you press next .. initialising connection please ... and then it says the connection to the phone was lost ...

i am lost too !!!