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    6230 global problems with Bluetooth

    (Russian users can see the information on end of post)
    About three months ago complaints of unstable work of batch communication via Bluetooth in Nokia 6230 appeared on the Net. The representatives of the company had called such faulty models single cases for the first month at the same time the owners of such phones thought differently and tried to make statistics. The problem was discussed on some Internet forums and the participants tried to reveal some regularity in their phones.

    The problem has still been discussed actively on the net and some posts even smack of extremism. Let's clear the question and put it all in order.

    The appearance of the problem. During a GPRS-session with a PC or a handheld via Bluetooth the phone stops processing data in some time and reset is necessary to restart work. The phone restarts automatically and the connection is broken.

    Signs of problem phones. Absent. Thee is no information about how to distinguish problem devices. Models from one delivery may be capable of working and faulty as well

    Troubleshooting. That is appealing to an authorized Nokia service center for repair.

    Time for solving the question. If the componentry is present it takes about several days if not the time is not limited (first devices had been repaired for 6-8 weeks). Necessary componentry is present now. But the number of service centers capable of repairing is limited.

    In fact we could finish telling about the problem here. But great nerve-strain makes considering the question in details.

    The same concerns Nokia 6230. The majority of the owners uses only the most necessary functions and doesn't pay attention to transmitting big files and active surfing on the net. During its tests the company paid attention not to all the functions at the same time but only to the most significant for the first and only then to all the rest. That doesn't mean the tests of Bluetooth connection and batch communication were committed carelessly but evidently were limited in time. The main attention was paid to other capabilities of the phone and as according to the number of appeals to service centres the company was right. That means that with more people using 6230 as a wireless modem the number of appeals could have been more. And one more fact, the first appeals with this problem took place in Russia but not anywhere in Europe.

    Nokia has studied the question and as a result a bulletin SB-024 describing a possible way of solving the problem appeared. Concerning hardware, a processor (component D400/TIKU) has to be replaced in the phones. But not every authorized service center may provide such measures.

    That's interesting that the Bluetooth problem was solved not in such a fundamental way. That was enough to change software and everything started working well. However Nokia continued studying the question of the phone's working in some data transmission modes. As a result a bulletin SB-025 of October 29 appeared. The document tells about a new version of a Bluetooth module for Nokia 6230. The problem with the loss of connection is not mentioned evidently but we see no any other reasons for soldering the module all over again.

    In the majority of cases the Bluetooth problem doesn't concern using handsfree headsets, synchronization with PC and other work modes. The question concerns only transmission of much information.
    (On materials of mobile-review.com )

    Also, many russian users discuss about this problem on service center internet forum:

    The problem really exist. On supervision of users - 99% of all on sale, in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, of phones Nokia 6230 have this problem!!!

    Добавлю еще по-русски:
    Нокия до сих пор не выпустила нормальные (пофиксенные) 6230. Сегодня - в магазин пришла новая партия, и из 6! телефонов ВСЕ они имют этот дефект!!!
    Вобщем смотрите по ссылкам.
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    good to know...thanks!

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