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    Nokia 6600 LIST Displayable's Bug? Item listed behind the solf key label

    Is there any body face the same problem as mine, which is in some cases, when displaying the LIST displayable, the 'list' items listed behind the softkey label (on the screen, always display 'Option' on the right and 'Back' on the left, not the key panel), which make user cannot 'see' the LAST 1 or 2 item in the list.

    There should be ALWAYS a 'line' above the softkey label in the LIST displayable, when this problem happen, the line disapear...

    I don't this is my syntax issue, coz when I set the SAME displayble(I call it CusttomerList) in the diferent case, it behave differently.

    Case 1, setCurrent from a FULL screen canvas.
    => result : problem happen

    Case 2, setCurrent from a LIST displayble.
    => result : List display properly, the last item can "PUSH" up by my joystick.

    This problem may happen in other case also, I face before, but I forget what case already :P

    After few test... finally, I find a solution for it(at least its worked for me), I put the CustomerList as a public static variable, then the problem solve.

    Just wanner to disscuss with all of Nokia Java Expert, any idea this happen.. or may be you all have a better solution for that.



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    Thank you for your post, it was very precious for me.
    I had the same problem, but setting the list public static dont help me.
    So i call:


    before changing the view from a fullscreen canvas to a list. This solve this bug.
    Thank you!!

    javastaff.com Admin

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    Actually, I just found another work around..

    The problem solved with I new the List displayable in the constructor of the Canvas

    public class myFullCanvas extends Canvas {
    // Declare the List Displayble
    CustomerList disBrowseCustomer;

    // Canvas's constructor
    public myFullCanvas() {

    // Create the new List Instance
    disBrowseCustomer = new CustomerList();



    I guess this way is the better way to handle this Nokia's Bug....
    What do you think ?

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