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    isn't audio recording streamable?

    Hi dear all,
    With WTK22, I am doing audio recording to wav format at client and send it to server by stream. I found out that client will not send any data out until it finish recording by recordControl.commit.
    Am I doing something wrong or that's the fact? Any Nokia phone support audio streaming, or should I use other format?

    I read from Sun (See below) wav audio format is not streamable since some fields in the header can only be filled after finish recording.
    If I want to have the realtime (nearly) audio, what should I do?

    Here is my recorder code.
    try {
    	// Create a DataSource that captures live audio.
    	p = Manager.createPlayer("capture://audio");
        // Get the RecordControl, set the record location, and 
        // start the Player and record for 5 seconds.
        rc = (RecordControl)p.getControl("RecordControl");
        debugInfo("Set record to out stream");
    	try {
    	} catch (InterruptedException ie) {
    } catch (IOException ioe) {
    } catch (MediaException me) {
    Any suggestions, hint etc will be appreciated.
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