Is it possible to bring an external application to the foreground when there is an incoming call ?
so far I have managed to bring only my own application to the foreground when there is an incoing call...

My application has the TApaTask object of an external application (was retrieved using TApaTaskList::FindApp) and now I want to control the external application ordinal position.

usualy I would use the 'BringToForeground' method however this method has no effect when there is an incoming call and only at this time I need to bring the external application to the foreground. so I want to change the ordinal priority of the external application.
I have also tried using 'RWsSession::SetWindowGroupOrdinalPosition' method with the id of the external app window-group ID, still no luck...

I think I need to be able to use 'RWindowGroup::SetOrdinalPosition() ' on the external application, but I have no idea how to obtain a RWindowGroup that is assosiated with an external app ...

another method that I have tried is to launch the external application as an embedded application inside my app. this works fine however then the external application does not work properly due to its own reason ('realplayer' does not play automaticly when it is being launch as an embedded app - if someone knows the reason , please share

Shai . K