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    N-gage on 6600 = color problems

    Hello everybody, and a merry christmas for all (as its coming closer and closer)

    I have a nokia 6600 and I found out that it runs n-gage games. A big news cannot be neglected so i tried a few and for my great suprise some run fine while others have color problems.
    Now of course the good and fun games had the color problems, that is the screen only displayed different shades of green and blue while other games worked perfectly. so this proves that the 6600 has the full requirement to run n-gage games. Now i have been asking around why some games have this color problem and the response was that the ngage only has 56k? (im not sure exacly) screen and the 6600 has higher. Therefore on some games this affects the colors...its interesting that how come sume games work fine and others dont? Like Asphalt has horrible colors and Fifa has perfect colors. Now my guess that this only depends on a few lines of code and nothing else...

    And since you guys are developers I came for help here because i dont even have the slightest idea how to program.
    So i was wondering what everyone thinks about this. Is it possible to fix it?
    Any ideas comments are greatly appreciated.

    (ps, im sorry if this has been discussed before but i cant search this huge forum...i hope you understand)

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    Don't know about programming but i do know that the 6600 has more colors than ngage:

    6600 has 65k
    ngage has only 4096.

    So it's even weirder the fact that the colors on the 6600 are not displayed correctly.


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    Maybe thats because the n-gage programers have to edit the color palette, due to the low number of colors available. So when you run it on the 6600 it gets messed up. It´s just a guess.

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    The way to really fix this problem is to buy N-Gage game cards and an N-Gage and run the games on it, instead of illegally cracked and pirated copies on phone models they were not intended for.

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