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    Question problem with video capture on 6630 (MMAPI)

    Hi I've got a 6630, and I'm trying the demos that use the video capture to capture snapshots (still images).

    On my 7610, I can run the Snapper example app and it works just fine. However when I run the same app on the 6630, it works up to the point where I capture the image, but it never displays the image in the Form. I think maybe the problem is that when it append()'s to the form, it doesn't take. I'm not sure. I know it's not working because I upped the size of the pic to 640x480 and instead of showing a high-rez image it just freezes the viewfinder.

    MMAPI 1.1 comes with a bunch of new example apps. I'm assuming that 6630 has MMAPI 1.1 - is this true ??

    The example mmademo includes a snapshot capture, so I tried it and it has a similar problem. In this case, it doesn't freeze, instead it just keeps displaying the viewfinder. like nothing happened. But the code also shows the append:

    Image im = Image.createImage(snap, 0, snap.length);
    ImageItem imi = new ImageItem("", im, 0, "");
    So I think it should be showing the snapshot right?


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    a question

    is it possible to take snapshots serially using camera.

    you know, when we want to take snapshot, MIDlet ask for recording the image. I don't want MIDlet to ask for recording, I want to take snapshot automatically

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