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    "BT Server E32USER-CBase 46"

    Hi *

    We've written a Symbian C++ application that constanlty keeps oppen several bluetooth connections (RFCOMM) to different medical sensors.

    Since we switched to the Nokia 6600, we occasionally get the following Bluetooth server panic:

    "BT Server
    E32USER-CBase 46"

    - This panic also occurs, if there is only one bt connection open
    - This panic seems to be related to a low reception power
    - The system seems to recover correctly from this crash: the BT server will be restarted, all open socket server sessions seem to remain valid as well.

    My question:
    - Does somebody have some more information about this issue. ?
    - Is there a work-around on application level to prevent this bug?

    My question the other way round:
    - is there a way to prevent to display the panic dialog, which irritates the phone users quite much?


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    Probably some problems with an Active Objects in your app. But I can imagine that in BT based application it might be on several places and it is, without seeing the code, very difficult to say what is wrong. Maybe this bug is there all the time but it didn't occur on previous devices because of some different timing of events (maybe), etc...

    You should go over all AO and see if you are not trying to set an object active when he already is...

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    please consider that the panic occured in the "BT server" process, not in my own process.

    Basically, it should not be possible for a user process to crash a system component. So even if my code would have errors, they should have no effect on the "BT Server" process.

    Therefore I assume a programming error / unclean CActive-handling inside the "BT server" process.

    "Very unlikely", you think? -- Have you ever looked at the RConnection class and its possibilities of canceling ansynchronuous calls?

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