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    Has anybody used CQikMediaFileFolderUtils?

    I'm doing an app that must manage media file in UIQ platform.
    CQikMediaFileFolderUtils gives methods to search between media files classified in five groups: audio,video,image,document and other, that directly correspond to five folders name like these five groups under 'c:\\documents\\media files'
    Under each of these five folders some personal folder can be created to classify the media content. For example, I have a folder 'c:\\documents\\media files\\image\\basket' for my favourite basket team photos.

    The problem is that I'm trying the FilesInFolderL() function that is included in CQikMediaFileFolderUtils for get the content of that folder ('image\\basket') and it doesn't work.

    The method I'm using is defined as follows:
    void FilesInFolderL(const MDesCArray& aMimeTypes, const TDesC& aFolderName, const TDriveNumber& aDrive, CArrayPtrFlat<CQikMediaFile>& aSelectedFilesList)

    In my program
    aMimeTypes includes 'image/jpg' and 'image/jpeg' MIME types(my photos are JPEG)
    aDrive is EDriveC
    aFolderName is 'basket' (I've tried also 'image\\basket' and others)

    Some help?
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