I have a problem with Nokia PC Suite 5.8 (I use ME as OS and the 5.8 is the correct version).
The Nokia Phone Browser is not stable under the Explorer.
When I open Explorer and click in the several directories within Nokia Phone Browser after 5 or 6 click in the different directories I got the error message "Explorer caused an error in NOKIAPHONEBROWSER.DLL explorer will be closed".
The error happens with the cell connected but also when it is not connected (the cell is 6230).
After the error the Explorer and the connection is completely unstable: the cell is no more seen, sometime is recognized again, the directories in the phone can be read but after 10 seconds nothing can be read.
I use the DKU-2 cable and I installed the more recent driver.
I installed and un-installed the PC Suite 5.8 for 2 times (the first with the version on the CD and the second with the version downloaded from the Nokia support).

The strange thing is that with a demo version of MobiMB the connection perfectly works and, with the limitation of the demo version, I can see and move the file in the phone.

Do you have any idea about the error of my PC Suite installation?
Thank you