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    Compiling Video Recorder/Player example

    Hi All;

    I'm compiling the Video Recorder/Player example posted in the forum nokia last 9th December.

    I'm using CodeWarrior 2.8 IDE and S60 SDK 2.2 FP2 Beta. I've installed also the S60 SDK 2.1 and the 7610 camera plugin.

    When I try to compile it, the vrex.rsg file is missing. Could anybody help me?

    Thanks in Advance!!!

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    The .rsg file is a resource header file that contains symbolic names for index positions for each item in the resource file. This file is generated automatically during the compile process by the resource compiler (rcomp.exe) and is located in the epoc32\include\ directory.

    If for some reason the .rsg is not created when you try to compile the project from the IDE, you can try to manually compile the resources from the command prompt, e.g:

    in \group folder of your project, type:

    > bldmake bldfiles
    > abld makefile thumb
    > abld resource thumb

    If all goes well, .rsg should now be created and you can retry compiling the project.


    Topi / FN

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    The Avkon.loc has been removed from the latest SDK. Copy avkon.loc from earlier SDK to epoc32\include OR remove the reference to avkon.loc from vrex.rss and add define
    #define qtn_options_exit "Exit".

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    Troubles with CVideoPlayerUtility

    Hi Reinio;

    It works fine. Thanks for your support.

    Now I've another trouble. I'm developping a test app in order to check the CVideoPlayerUtility capabilities.

    Firstly, I'm trying to only display a video from an Url. My app does:

    1.- iPlayer = CVideoPlayerUtility::NewL(....);

    2.- iPlayer -> OpenUrl(KUrl);

    and after (Prepare,play, close, etc..... ) all is implemented by the observer calback functions.

    the problem is that when I'm debbuging, in the MvpuoOpenComplete I retrieve the aError=-5, (Unsuported)

    I've defined the class as:

    class CMyClassAppUi : public CAknAppUi,public MVideoPlayerUtilityObserver

    What could be happening???

    thanks in advance for your support;



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