I have CW 3.0 Professional.
I have a Nokia 6620.

I need to port a couple of apps I have written for MS-Smartphone.

I am new to Symbian, having worked in CE/PPC and Palm for a few years.

I have installed CW and the S60 SDK for Symbian OS v2.6 (2.6 of what?), that seems to have installed 8.0a (I assume this is the OS version) libs and includes.

I read through the "Quick Start" guide for CW/Symbian, and I've read a good portion of the "Targeting Manual" from CW.

I got the HelloWorld sample compling and running in the emulator (though it does not at all match the sample described in the docs (e.g. no menus in the actual sample...but the docs show screen shots of menus and describe how to exit the app via them).

But here's where I'm stuck:
- how do I download HelloWorld to my 6620 to run?
- how do I debug on the 6620?
- can I somehow access my local LAN

Seems pretty basic, eh? But following the docs is .... uh...not possible for a Symbian newbie. The acronyms and obscure terminology leaves me in the dark.

- What's an EKA1? Does this have anything to do with my 6620 (which I believe runs OS 7)?
- Do I need to use a different SDK to develop for my 6620 (or is the 8.0a directory from the SDK unrelated to Symbian OS versions)?

Thanks in advance,