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    SIP Plugin Problem

    I have tried to use the SIP capabilities of Series 60 SIP Plugin on Series 60 SDK Emulator.
    I use MS Visual C++ 6.
    My application prints a "System Error (-1)" message every time I try to instanciate a new CSIP object ("iSIP = CSIP::NewL(iUid, *this);").
    Is there something I should do after installing Series 60 SIP Plugin, in order to run my SIP applications through the Terminal Emulator?
    Is there any problem due to the use of Visual Studio 6 instead of .NET (as SIP Plugin requires)?

    I would be very grateful if someone could help me

    Thanks for your time.

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    Actually, I'm using SIP plugin with MS Visual C++ 6.0 without any problems. In fact what IDE you are using shouldn't have any to do with the emulator...

    What about the applications bundled together with the SIP plugin? Have you tried to build and run Warships or ChipFlip?

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    check the UID

    The UID passed in must be the same as the application UID. I used the app UID, and it fixed the problem.

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    Yes this is true , you should always use the same application ID , the second one on mmp file

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    Exclamation Re: SIP Plugin Problem

    I am facing the same problem.The UID passed is same as the application UID,but then also i am getting System Error(-1).

    Urgent help needed

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    Re: SIP Plugin Problem

    I got the same problem

    On Emulator, it got -1 by CSIP object ("iSIP = CSIP::NewL(iUid, *this);").

    But On TargetDevice (N70), it works without this problem.

    I am using SIP Plugin 4.0 for 2ndFP2.

    Carbide c++ Express

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