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    How to bring exe from background to foreground?

    We want to use class TApaTask since it has API “BringToForeGround” and “SendToForeGround”. However after starting an exe using EikDll::StartExe() (notice: RApaLsSession only has API “StartApp”, which doesn’t work if used to start an exe), if use TApaTaskList to find the exe we got failure:

    TApaTaskList taskList( ws );

    TApaTask task = taskList.FindApp( KMyExeFullName ); // KMyExeFullName is a full path name

    if( task.Exists() ) //always fail for exe type





    Thanks for your response.

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    Did you try using UID ?
    FindApp has some versions ... try finding your app by deferent parameters.

    also you can try "scanning" all TApaTaks by finding by 'pos' and see if your app is there or not (meaning , checking if the problem is the finding method or that the app really does not exist in the task-list).

    moreover, someone here or at the Nokia forum (I don't remember) was asking about hiding his app from the the tasklist.... maybe you have found the way for doing so

    Shai . K

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    Exe is different from app...

    I did try using UID, which doesn't work either ... yes I see the discussing of hiding app in background, but that's hiding an app not exe. My feeling is the exe is invisible to the application architecture service.

    Thanks for your reply.

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