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    Please help: When is this emulator/internet problem ever going to be over :(

    I just don't understand what's with this problem; I'm SO frustrated.
    I now need to reinstall my v2.1 Series 60 SDK in order to make the ETHERNET
    connection work again.
    However, I will still run into the same problem that made me screw up the
    current SDK configuration in the first place.
    I want my application to be able to list the IAP connections available, and
    the user to choose one of them, and connect. This works beautifully on the
    phone, but the ETHERNET connection is NEVER available on the emulator; no
    matter how hard I try. There's only NT RAS, and it doesn't work of course. I
    downloaded Symbian's CommDB Editor, and tried like crazy to add IAPs: no
    What do I do now?! I need to make this feature work for a proper use case
    simulation and memory leak checking.


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    Hi Sammy,

    I'm able to connect to the network from my emulator using the ethernet card.

    Reply back if u have any queries,


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