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    Unhappy I can't understand SDK documentation examples...

    Hi guys,

    I'm a student and I'm new to Symbian programming in C++ and I've been reading the documentations that came with the SDK for series 60 development.

    The guide on Designing C++ Applications discusses how to put in elements using resource files. I know where to put the

    RESOURCE struct-name [resource-name]
    resource init

    part (appname.rss, right?).

    What I can't understand is where to put the construction and execution portion of the code.

    CAknExEditorDialog* dialog = new (ELeave) CAknExEditorDialog(); ...etc.

    This may sound totally pathetic but please help me! Thanks.

    By the way, if you have useful resources for novices like me, please help me.

    Thanks lots,

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    Feel free to select any name for the implementation file. Example YourApp.cpp and it can contain something like:

    // Include resource enumerations
    #include <appname.rsg>
        // Create a dlg object.
        CYourDialog* dialog = new(ELeave)CYourDialog(aParam1, aParam2);
        // Loads from resource, displays, and destroys the dialog.
        return dialog->ExecuteLD(R_YOUR_DIALOG);  // R_YOUR_DIALOG is a dependency to rss file
    // r_your_dialog  -> R_YOUR_DIALOG enumeration is genarated by resource compiler, take a peek to appname.rsg
    RESOURCE DIALOG r_your_dialog 
        title    = "Hello world";
        buttons  = r_your_dialog_buttons;
        flags    = EEikDialogFlagWait;
        items =
    ...and just attach the implementation file to the project:
    SOURCE YourApp.cpp

    Br V

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    Thanks for helping me out!

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