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    Unhappy I can't understand SDK documentation examples...

    Hi guys,

    I'm a student and I'm new to Symbian programming in C++ and I've been reading the documentations that came with the SDK for series 60 development.

    The guide on Designing C++ Applications discusses how to put in elements using resource files. I know where to put the

    RESOURCE struct-name [resource-name]
    resource init

    part (appname.rss, right?).

    What I can't understand is where to put the construction and execution portion of the code.

    CAknExEditorDialog* dialog = new (ELeave) CAknExEditorDialog(); ...etc.

    This may sound totally pathetic but please help me! Thanks.

    By the way, if you have useful resources for novices like me, please help me.

    Thanks lots,

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    the code for the dialog would be best to be put inot own cpp file, having a own header file. most propably.

    The execution line you were showing opens the dialog. Usually in resources the dialog are defined to be modal and waiting, so execution in calling cpp file stops into the point untill the dialog is dismissed. Basically since the symbian os is event driven, and you are propably opening the dialog after user selects a menu command etc. , so maybe you could first try putting the code into the place where the event is handled (i.e. command handlers etc).

    Maybe you should also investigate the implementation issues from example applications as well as from the open source projects freely available from the internet.


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    pulboron, please don't post the same question to multiple areas.


    br V

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    Thanks a lot for the replies!

    br V: I'm sorry. Won't happen again.

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