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    Red face ***TO NOKIA EXPERTS***** Pls guide.

    Hi All,

    I have a audio player module wherein i m using OpenAndPlayFileL() of CMdaAudioPlayerUtility.

    On Compiling the prj using both sdk2.0 and 2.1 i get the msg that OpenAndPlayFileL() method is not a member of CMdaAudioPlayerUtility. But it is clearly mentioned in the sdk help that the method is one of the members of that class.

    I then opened the file CMdaAudioPlayerUtility.h from \epoc32\include to cross chk it and to my surprise the method OpenAndPlayFileL() is not a member of CMdaAudioPlayerUtility.

    Can anybody hlp or coment on this??

    -- Gaurav.

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    delete the previous player pointer and use CMdaAudioPlayerUtility::NewFilePlayerL(...)


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