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Thread: Generic code

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    Generic code

    Hi all

    I am retrieving an IMSI code for 3650,6600 and 7610.
    I am using "RAdvGsmPhone" for 3650 and "RMobilePhone" for 6600 & 7610.

    Everything works perfect if I use different sis files.
    ( One for 3650 and other for 6600 & 7610).

    But when I use single SIS file for retrieving IMSI then I am getting "System error" on 3650.( Because of RMobilePhone- might be some library it is trying to find but ! getting , though ! sure).

    Anybody knows why I am getting "System error" on 3650?
    Or is there any generic method using which I can get IMSI code without having a need to make different sis files for 3650 and (6600 & 7610) .

    Thanx in advance,

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    you basically can not use code generated with SDK 2.X in phones that are nor platform 2 compatible, basically only way the compability works is that newer ones might support older ones, never other way around really.

    basically the implementation in phone side seems to be very different, so best way is to combine both sis files into a one sis that checks the phone OS version and then installs the right code into the phone.


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    Re: Generic code

    Can you send me example code how can i retrieve the IMSI code in Nokia6600.
    Its really urgent

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