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    Drawing in system area(the part draws battery&radio signal)

    We have an exe that implements the most basic functionality of the UI framework (using active objects to connect to window server, set up window group/drawing window, create screen device/graphic context, and handle events) so that we can draw stuff in our window that belongs in exe. We got most parts working except the area drawn by system (the area displays radio signal, battery power) --- in our exe we don’t draw in this area at all, since we thought this area belongs to the system. However, it seems the system does not update this area as it does for other applications.

    A problematic scenario: if we launch another application such as web while our exe’s window is in focus and then exit from the web application, the exe’s window is displayed correctly yet system area is kind of “corrupted” --- it shows part of the screen in the web.

    So is there a way we can force an update of system area from our exe? Also we want to know how the system area is updated/drawn.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Actually i don't know how to do it from server, but application can ask to update statuspane:

    The problem could be how to get a pointer to the statuspane object from exe becase it won't have any statuspane.

    Maybe you could just bring the most top application again to the top, and hope it will "ask" statuspane to update views, and later update your own view to the screen ?

    >>Also we want to know how the system area is updated/drawn
    I think it is done by UI framework when ever task switch occure.

    Br V

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    Thanks for your reply. I will give it a try!

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