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    S60 Player.start broken?

    It seems that Player.start always resets to the beginning of an audio clip on the newer 7.0s devices. On older S60 devices like the 3650, you could pause and continue audio playback, or use setMediaTime and go to a particular time and start. On the 7610 and 6620 I tried, start always resets to 0. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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    Re: S60 Player.start broken?

    I have seen this behaviour on newer firmware on the 6620, yet a phone with older firmware is able to use setMediaTime() correctly.

    Does anyone know a way to get around not being able to use setMediaTime(), is there anyway to jump to a location in a song?

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    Smile Re: S60 Player.start broken?

    I dont know which firmware u are using but the setmediaTime has worked fine for me on 6620 phone.....Usually player.start will begin from the start of the media.

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