I have a problem making a data call. I try to call with my Nokia 30 terminal. In the other end is a Wavecom WMOi3 terminal. I'll try to access by using Hyperterminal and AT command. Things are really nice then I enter:
> ATD+666666
> CONNECT 9600
But it's all downhill since that. Allthough i can see my commands by echoing them localy. All the Wavecom (or are this done by Nokia, i don't know) sends out is to the response of my commands are:
#Error 02
#Error 04
and then hangs up.

I don't know what the errors mean. In the controller's manual, which operates with the wavecom terminal, it is said, tha after the command should go XOR control sum - how can i calculate this or how can is switch Nokia 30 to XON/XOFF flow control (if it's nessesary for this). One mote thing, if you're wondering - wavecom terminal should send me a file after i enter the command so, maybe it helps to answer.

I'm the beginner on this data call subject so, if you can, reply me accordingly. If data call with XOR control sums cant be made by AT commans from Hyperterminal, then please write me how should i program it (some lines of code are welcome).

Please, give me some ideas.