J2ME Polish now supports BitMap Fonts, so you can use any kind of fonts in your applications now - even for TextFields!

J2ME Polish is available at http://www.j2mepolish.org

J2ME Polish is a collection of tools for creating "polished" wireless Java applications. Features include build tools, a device database which can be used in the preprocessing step, a GUI which can be designed using simple CSS-textfiles, a localization/internationalization framework, a logging framework, a game-engine and more.

The 1.2.3 release offers new stand alone tools for managing binary data files (e.g. level-data), support for bitmap-fonts, a fullscreen-mode for most MIDP/2.0 phones, automatic resolving of stacktraces, support for external packagers, a new direct input mode for TextFields and much much more.

J2ME Polish is available under the GPL Open Source license, commercial licenses are also available.

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