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    Generating a sis file

    Dear friends,I'm a new developper in the Symbian community.
    I found some problems in retrieving dedicated information about the SDK ans in particular about the creation of a Sis file.
    I ask you if i can create a sis file and install it the file system of Nokia 7650.The real question is the content of the sis file.Can i realize a file *.pkg with only a text file(for example) and generate a sys file setting some parameters like the phoe file pattern.

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    RE: Generating a sis file

    Hi, this is easy stuff.

    1. create a simple (app).pkg file by a text editor (look at examples).
    2. execute "makesis (app).pkg"
    3. it will create you a .SIS file
    4. transfer that to your device (goes to inbox)
    5. click the SIS message in your inbox and it will be installed

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    RE: Generating a sis file

    Hi new developers,

    As a "first aid", you can try to resovle your problems by searching for related information from the SDK's Help, from this Discussion board or from the Knowledgebase. There are lots of resolutions and information that may help you to resolve many problems right away. For example in this case, you can search for the "pkg" topic from the SDK's Help or from this Discussion board, where you can find a list of items related to the subject.

    We wish you all a good start!
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