Recently i came to know about the Series60- SIP-Plug-In, and now i am trying to establesh a SIP session between to SERIES 60 Emulators using the SIP plug-in. There was an example game called "chipFlip" which is working fine on both the emulators. I am able to play the "chipflip" game on the emulators.

With this knowledge i tried to implemet a session between the emulators with an example code given in the "User guide" from the "SIP-PLUG-in",
I am instantiating the "CSIPEngine" in the appUI and calling the ExacuteL() and Invite1() from the AppUI class.

I am able to REGISTER both the emulators with the SIP stack. But i am facing a problem with the INVITE. The INVITE which i sent is passed to the other emulator, but it's not accepting the INVITE. It's showing "603 Decline" error on the SIP logs. The call back function "IncomingRequest" is not getting called.

I just followed the same guide lines which are given for the "Chipflip".

I hope somebody can help me in this issue,
Thanks for reading my Issue.
Val Kilmer