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    Talking Image display question.

    I have used J2ME to write applications for Series 60 phones. When I started reading about using C++ I was suprised to see that only bitmaps could be drawn to the screen. With J2ME you can at least use PNGs.

    My question is, if you use a format other than BMP with J2ME, does it convert it behind the scenes to BMP to be displayed on the device? Or can it some how display them without the conversion?

    Basically do you have to display the image in bitmap format for it to actually display on the phone regardless of the language?

    I know this is kind of a general question but I figure you C++ Symbian guys would know.

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    J2ME questions should really not be asked here. anyway you got the image thing with symbian a bit wrong.

    Basically to be able to show a image into the screen you need to load it to a bitmap object (which has really nothing to do with bmp format).

    And you can load at least jpg, png, bmp and mbm images to this object to show them in the screen. There are several examples that illustrates how it works shipped with SDK as well as they can be found numerously from the internet. Discussions of their usage are also found from this discussion group, in case you have time to do a bit searching.


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