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    S90 Emulator from Command line

    Anyone knows how to run the series 90 emulator from the command line?

    The usual stuff that works with all other Nokia emulators (s40, s60, s80 etc) ie:

    C:\Nokia\Devices\Series90_MIDP_SDK_1_0_for_SymbianOS\bin\emulator.exe -classpath PATH\MyMIDlet.jar -Xdescriptor:PATH\MyMIDlet.jad

    will not work on s90.

    Note that this command line (with the appropriate emulator.exe path of course) works fine with all other Nokia emulators

    What gives?


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    What emulator do you use?
    All nokia emulators, what I saw, work with
    C:\Nokia\Devices\Series90_MIDP_SDK_1_0_for_SymbianOS\bin\emulator.exe PATH\MyMIDlet.jad

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