Hello all,

I'm having a bit of trouble using CMdaAudioRecorderUtility to record audio from the microphone of a 9500 Communicator.

First of all, the Sound example included in Series 80 SDK 2.0 (<install_root>/Series80Ex/sound) doesn't always sucessfully record audio. Sometimes it appears to do nothing when I use the "Record" menu item. Sometimes it gives me an error that says "System corrupted." And sometimes it records successfully. This is all on the target device, by the way-- the emulator (under WinXP SP2) crashes every time you attempt to record.

My own code, which is housed in a DLL loaded via Personal Profile's JNI but is otherwise quite similar to the Sound example, causes an E32USER-CBase panic 44 at the line iMdaAudioRecorderUtility = CMdaAudioRecorderUtility::NewL(*this) of CRecorderAdapter::ConstructL(). This is also when running on the Communicator itself.

What am I doing wrong? Has anyone else had similar difficulties using CMdaAudioRecorderUtility on this device?

Thanks very much for any help you can offer.