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    Displaying Alert in MIDP1

    I am writing an application which connects to a server to get some information. Following is the what I intend to do:
    screen 1 : Form asking user input
    screen 2 : Canvas displaying "Connecting..."
    screen 3 : Results Canvas
    if the server is down, I want the application to display an Alert("Server Unreacahble") after screen 2 times out, and the control then returns to screen 1.
    The problem is that when I execute code similar to the following :
    Display.setCurrent("Server Unreacahble");

    the screen changes from screen2 to screen1 without showing the alert. it appears that the switching from screen2 to the alert and then to screen1 is too quick, and hence the alert is replaced by screen1 before it (alert) can be seen.

    can someone please help me with this problem of displaying alert for a certain duration beofre another screen is displayd.

    please suggest me something other than using a custom alert (say, a splash screen), since i want to use the "system look and feel" and hence would prefer using high level alerts.

    thanks in advance

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    Use the setCurrent(Alert a, Displayable next) method.


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    thanks a lot. we often miss the simplest solution when we are working on complex problems for sometime
    i wouldlike to draw your attention to the other problem I am facing. would be extremely grateful if you could have a thought :

    (topic : Dialling a phone number from J2ME midlet )


    best regards and greatest thanks

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