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    Question Is there available any 3gp(mp4) convertor

    Hi All,

    The "Nokia Multimedia Convertor 2" convertes into 3gp(H.263) but I need a convertor which converts into 3gp(mp4). If there is any such free software, then please reply me. Also tell me about some other 3gp convetor softwares. What if I convert a video file into wmv format using H.263 codec, will it play on nokia phones.

    I have another question, I don't know how far its is good to ask this question on nokia forum. I need to know that whether nokia phones play mp4(quick time or ISO) video files or not. Can you people tell me about such a phone.

    waiting for your replies

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    Nokia phones with colour displays and MMS support play 3gp(H.263).

    In addition to that, Symbian OS based phones (Series 60, Series 80, 7710) play also Real Video 7 & 8 formats of suitable (for the phone) size & quality.

    For those phones there are also additional applications like "SmartMovie", "Mobiclip", "PacketVideo", etc., for playing other video formats.

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    Where these softwares are available?


    Thanks for replying. Can you tell me, where I can find these softwares "SmartMovie", "Mobiclip", "PacketVideo".


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