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    unable to install ethernet plugin for 60 series 2.0

    i am installing ethernet plug-in for series 60 sdk 2.0 and i have series 60 sdk 2.1 for codewarrior.when i installed ethernet plugin it is giving error,no supported sdk for ethernet plugin for series 60 sdk 2.0

    i am having external modem,realtek lan card,windows 2000 professional with service pack 4.0.i installed java and perl supports for series 60 sdk 2.1.i followed all the steps to modify ced.cfg.but i am unable to view internet in emulator.is it possible to view internet webpages in the emulator.i am connecting to internet through external modem.i need what are ip setting to be entered.i have no default gateway,primary dns,secondary dns for lan.i want to know the ip address settings for emulator will be based on lan ip address or ip address provided by ISP when i connect to internet.anybody help me with ip address settings.


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    Hi Mani,

    I think i can give you some inputs on your problem.

    ******Please ignore if you have solved it already********


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