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    How to suppress -DNDEBUG

    I am working with a large code base that has a bunch of debugging code in #ifndef NDEBUG blocks.

    I notice that my CW project is passing -DNDEBUG to gcc on the command line. I want to suppress this for my newly created target. Where do I go in the project to disable this (or enable this to be suppressed) ?

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    Re: How to suppress -DNDEBUG

    Depends on which set of prefs your SDK is using (Symbian Linker or Symbian Linker v2; see Target Settings pref).

    If it's Symbian Linker, then try to add -UNDEBUG to the Additional Command Line in the Symbian Target. Or add it to a prefx file listed in the same pref and #undef it there.

    If it's Symbian Linker v2, there will be a Symbian Compiler pref with the arguments in an edit box you can just remove.


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