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    MMS( resizing image)

    Hi all

    I want to send MMS through my application with image(JPEG more than
    100Kb size) attached to it. Also the image should get resized to less than
    100 Kb because maximum MMS size is 100 Kb.

    If I send MMS using phone application, it automatically resizes the
    image ( In my case it resized it to just 20 Kb from 182 Kb ).

    But if I send MMS through my application, the image was not resized.
    Also if Image size is more than 100 Kb, MMS is sent but is not received.

    So is there any way to resize image in MMS APIs? Or any other way to resize
    an image?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: MMS( resizing image)

    No MMS API, use your own tools.

    Use image magick to resize your pic sbefore sending.


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