I am trying to play a video clip using the MMF (CVideoPlayerUtility) on Nokia 6600.

While compiling the code I got some errors and it seems that the SDK documents does not mach the H file. for example NewL in its 'H file' version has 8 parameters while in the documents it has only 2.

after retreiving the other 6 that I needed (Screen device, WsSession, WindowBase, etc ...) the playing still does not work...

this is the code I am using:

*** CODE ***

CCoeEnv *pCoeEnv = CCoeEnv::Static();

m_videoPlayerUtl = CVideoPlayerUtility::NewL(*this, EMdaPriorityNormal, EMdaPriorityPreferenceTimeAndQuality, pCoeEnv->WsSession() , *( pCoeEnv->ScreenDevice() ) , Window() , m_scrnSize, m_scrnSize);

m_videoPlayerUtl->OpenFileL( *m_filePath );

*** end of code ***

The app. does not crash but simply does nothing. the Observer methods are never being called...

m_scrnSize is the size of my container.

Any ideas ?