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    Developing on a higher SDK version than the target device uses.

    Hi All.

    I am developing on SDK 60 v2 (Os 7.0s).
    Assuming that all the API that I am using exist on Os 6.0, Series 60 v1, can I run my apps on such devices ?
    Assuming that in some of the applications feature I am using Os 7.0 methods and on the other I am using Os 6.0, can the application still be running on Os 6.0 devices (I can check on which device the app. is running and block those functions if the device does not compatible for example) ?

    I have used to wizard on Vc 6.0 to generate the basic app and compiled it (SDK 60 v2). on Nokia 6600 it run without any problems, however on Nokia 3650 (series 60v1) - it didn't let me install it. it said that 'Series60 ID requiered'. this message came after a warning that the app. might not work since it was developed for a higher Os version.
    Is there a method to solve this issue or that I need multiple SDKs on my PC ?

    Thanks in advance and happy new year !

    Shai . K
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    >it didn't let me install it. it said that 'Series60 ID requiered'

    This information is taken from .pkg file. So if you put the proper Series60ID into .pkg file and then create a new .sis file you can install it on S60 phones. But if the application will work that is a big question..:-)

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