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    How to add other java classes' path to Eclipse's project?

    Good night, everyone

    I find eclipse is worse for use than JBuilder. I have wanted to add a logger class to Blinker.java by adding jar or folder to Elicpse's project's property's "Java build path", but the ANT build still tell " [wtkbuild] D:\Downloads\programs\mobile\nokia\Nokia12SDK1\Java\Examples\eclipse\Blinker\com\nokia\m2m\sdk\examples\iocontrol\Blinker.java:7: package com.nokia.m2m.sdk.examples.logger does not exist

    Is there anyone who can tell me how to tell eclipse's building to find a referenced class? I do step by step as "IMlet programming guide" saying on using Eclipse to build a blinker.java for N12, but I copy Nokia SDK's blinker example to here, which is added a SerialPortLogger.class to.

    Many thanks ahead!

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    Have you visited eclipseMe-site? address is http://eclipseme.sourceforge.net/
    I can't help you more than this but hope this will help.

    There are good instructions how to manage. I personally prefer Eclipse.

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    There are no problems, if all needed classes are in the same project (you must not include they in Java build path).
    Second solution - add external project reference, that points to needed classes.
    I am using Eclipse 3.01.

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