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    problems with avi converting into 3gp format by media converter

    Hi i have a frustrating problem with Nokia Media Converter! When i try to convert an avi file during processing my computer just shut down why? what is quite strange not every avi file couse this problem .I menaged to convert only one ( with anime ) please help me

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    sounds like this could be a problem with your computer, or something else. How much RAM are you running in your computer? what kind of computer? Guessing it has something to do with that.

    I would also run adaware 6 LE and also run virus scan to double-check as to whether there are other things affecting this.

    Could also be a corrupt avi file. Have you tried converting any other avi file of about the same file size? try that and see if it works with that. If so, then is might be the avi file.

    Hope that helps for now!

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