Hai all
I am in the process of writing a MIDlet to read a file from Nokia6600 .The file will be of format .3gp and need to play using realone player.While reading the file, especially mpeg , using an emulator provided with j2me toolkit was working nicely .i even tried to play a 3gp file using emulator but was showing an IllegalFormatException.

So i tried the jar file in side nokia6600 and tested but there too i was dissappointed.part of the code is givebn below.

FileConnection fc=(FileConnection)Connector.open("file:///Nokia/vidoe/f01.3gp");

player = Manager.createPlayer(is,"video/avi");
vc =(VideoControl)player.getControl("VideoControl");
Form fr=new Form("Video Open");
fr.append((Item)vc.initDisplayMode (vc.USE_GUI_PRIMITIVE,null));

while checking with the Manager classes getSupportedProtocol() i found that Nokia 6600 supports only http and capture protocols and it doesent support file.

Is there any other way in which i can open a file in 3gp format .
If there is please help at least a hint will be greatful

Thanks in advance and happy new year to all the members