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    Bluetooth Terminal on Macintosh OSX

    This is one of those rare posts that gives information instead of asking for it. I received a reply from eriksmartt elsewhere about setting up a Bluetooth Terminal on OSX since it isn't covered in the Python for Series 60 Documentation.

    1. Pair your phone using the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. No special services have to be chosen, just get the phone and your computer to exchange a passcode.

    2. Create a Serial Port using the Bluetooth Serial Utility. Incoming, RS232, name: bt_console (anything works but this is what you are using it for, right?!)

    3. From the Terminal Application, type: screen /dev/tty.bt_console

    Now run the BT_Console script on your phone as indicated in the PDF documentation and everything should work fine.



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    I'll just add that when you're ready to quit the remote console, type "control-d" from the Mac to close the connection and shut down the console; Then use "control-a control-\" to close 'screen' and return to the Terminal prompt.

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    For more OS X goodness, check out the "Series 60 Compatibility Library" at: <http://pdis.hiit.fi/pdis/download/>

    They describe the project as, "...a wxPython-based implementation of some of the user interface toolkit APIs defined by Python for Series 60. It enables running many Python for Series 60 scripts on the desktop. The present version only supports Mac OS X."
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