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    Question 6260: Error occurs when playing AMR/Real and a call is received

    I have a strange reported problem, on a Nokia 6260 that is running my midlet, an error is sometimes displayed when the user is playing an AMR File, and a phone call comes in. This error also happens occasionally when the user is playing a Real Audio file from the Real Player, and a call is received.

    I didn't get the actual error, but the user said it was something like: Real.App.Server Error...

    I haven't been able to reproduce it, and I was hoping someone here would be able to give me some insight.


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    When ever there is a phone call going on , you can't play any amr file because of hardware constraints. Even the real player application can't play the file when a phone call is going on .
    You must see that the real player appplication is also facing problems like your application.There is no fault with you application.

    May be due to some security reasons , the interjection of sound in call conversion is forbidden.

    Try running your application on other phones like Nokia N-gage.

    Hope this information may help you.

    Navjot Singh

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