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Thread: gfx help !!

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    gfx help !!

    In the next future, I probably have to make the graphic art for a mobile phone game.
    The platform will be a Nokia 6600 and programmer will use java.

    Anyway, I'm a rookie of the Mobile Phone World, so I would like to know what kind of softwares need to make and give graphics to the programmer.

    I mainly work with photoshop but I can use a lot of other softwares.

    I read that the gfx has to be 176x208 pixel with 4096 colors (12bit).
    Do I need some specific softwares to export 24bit into 12 bit images? and for the transparency? In conclusion, I need some help about "How to became a good gfx artist for PMobile games"

    Thank you

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    You can choose from a number of 2D graphic generators.
    1) TileStudio
    2) Mappy
    3) Kwerkx2D Graphics

    and many more. These softwares are generally very helpful in generating basic 2D graphics for various formats, PNG, BMP and others.

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